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Class Level:  Intermediate.  Pre-requisite is Angel Communication Certificate Course or equivalent.

Upcoming Dates:

Facilitated by: Kirsten Hodgins & Davida Clegg (both Certified Teachers of Angel Guidance & Healing Practitioner Program)
Returning Soon

Facilitated By:  Kirsten Hodgins, Certified Teacher of Angel Guidance & Healing Practitioner program.  
Returning Soon

Whether you are seeking support in communicating with your angels for personal use, or if you are already providing professional angel readings to clients, this group is for you!  Kirsten is pleased to offer a monthly lightworker group called the Angel Circle.  This group is open to all those interested in communicating with the angelic realm who have taken the Angel Communication Basics (ACB) Workshop. Also the Angel Circle is ideally suited to graduates of the Angel Communication Certificate Course (ACCC), offered by Chris Cuciurean. 

The Angel Circle will offer graduates a sacred space and supportive environment to continue your spiritual growth. The Angel Circle is a wonderful opportunity to come together to share spiritual knowledge, strengthem our intuitive abilities, and build confidence in connecting to the angelic realm.  

Through discussions, we may deepen our understandings of the various techniques, tools, and concepts taught in ACB in ACCC.  Through practice giving and receiving Divine guidance, we may further develop our unique abilities to receive information through our senses.  Also, we will continue to explore the various archangels and Divine beings who we may call upon for support in our daily lives. 

Donation: $25.00 per person.
To register, please email Kirsten at

Kirsten Hodgins Bio:
A Certified Teacher of the Angel Guidance & Healing Practitioner program, Kirsten is a psychic medium and spiritual teacher.  Her passion is to help others to heal by connecting them to their higher-self through channeled readings, energy healing modalities, spiritual development workshops, and private coaching.  Kirsten's desire is to support others by holding a space for them to experience an inward journey towards unveiling their true spiritual nature, their natural intuitive abilities to see, hear, feel, and know the guidance that is all around us from the Divine beings of love and light.  Kirsten would be honoured to have you join us on our spiritual journey.  To learn more about Kirsten, visit

Davida Clegg Bio:
A Certified Teacher of the Angel Guidance & Healing Practitioner program, Davida helps others become aware of the blessings of the angelic realm. From a young age, Davida has been drawn to the angelic realm and used her empathic and intuitive gifts to help others enrich their lives. As an adult, she grew her love of learning, teaching and helping others by becoming a Medical Technologist and a high school science teacher. As a strong supporter of a healthy environment and Davida’s love for all life inspired her to become attuned as a Reiki Master and study shamanism under Dr. Villoldo. Her angelic awareness blossomed upon meeting Chris in 2010 and she became certified as an Angel Guidance and Healing Practitioner and Teacher and a Rainbow Energy Healing Practitioner and Teacher. Being a conduit for the divine guidance available to us all, Davida is honored to facilitate others in becoming aware of the blessings of the angels in their lives.  

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