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Class Level: Intermediate to Advanced (Prerequisite: Rainbow Energy Healing Level 1 Certificate Course must be completed prior to attending this workshop)

Upcoming Dates:
Friday to Sunday November 10th, 11th, & 12th, 2017 - In Oakville, Ontario
Hours:  Friday 6:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m., Saturday and Sunday 10:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

This moderately advanced course in Rainbow Energy Healing is for Practitioners of REH who wish to deepen their own understanding of REH, and apply more advanced techniques during an REH session.  You'll learn more about Rainbow Energy Healing, such as the essence of the Mother Goddess, Father God, and Divine Child relationship of REH,  the higher level chakras 13 to 18, and how to apply REH in a variety of healing applications. You will experience numerous guided REH healing meditations and a sacred ceremony that will help to to open your intuitive channels and strengthen your abilities with REH.

This workshop will include:

  • A Review of Rainbow Energy Healing (REH) and the Level 1 course basics;
  • The Mother Goddess, Father God, & Divine Child relationship activated in REH;
  • Detailed exploration of the higher chakras 13 through 18;
  • A Sacred Ceremony to clear and heal vows, contracts, and limiting beliefs from this or other lifetimes;
  • Learning how to provide a Distance REH session for clients in a remote location;
  • Practice reading energy and learning how to receive direction, and report guidance after an REH session;
  • Understanding where and how angels, guides, and deceased loved ones help in REH;
  • Practice providing and receiving REH sessions using the advanced techniques explored.

You will learn how to read energy and deliver healing guidance effectively for an REH session.  You will experience profound self-healing to connect you to your Divine Life and Soul Purpose. Upon completing this course, you will have extensive knowledge and confidence to effectively apply REH formally or informally to clients in a professional setting.

The required pre-requisite for taking Rainbow Energy Healing Level 2 is that you have obtained REH Level 1 Certification (or Re-Certification) in July 2015 or later.  This course qualifies you to earn Certification as a Practitioner of Rainbow Energy Healing Level 2.

Fee: $777 plus HST ($878.01).    Includes all materials, course notes, use of healing tables with fresh linen, beverages, and healthy snacks.

Registration in advance is required.  $100 Non-refundable Deposit is due upon registration.  The Balance is due on Monday October 30th, 2017.  To register, please click on the drop-down menu below to pay the deposit and reserve your seat. 

Current graduates who have taken the REH Level 2 Practitioner Course may attend this course (Re-Certify).  The fee to Re-Certify is $255 + HST ($288.15).  For existing Level 2 graduates to register at the upcoming REH Level 2 course, Select the Re-Certify option from the menu below.

Register & Complete Payment From Drop-Down Menu:

This workshop will be offered twice per year.  Beyond November of 2017, it is tentatively scheduled for April of 2018.

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