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Class Level: Intermediate (Pre-requisite: Angel Communication Certificate Course must be completed prior to attending this workshop.)

Upcoming Dates:
Please contact Chris Cuciurean if you are interested in attending this course.

This workshop is all about mediumship: the process of connecting with the spirit of deceased people.  It is for people who want to understand how to clearly communicate with deceased loved ones.  Mediumship is a very profound form of healing that can be applied to a professional practice of providing guidance to clients, in conjunction with counsel, teaching, angel guidance & healing, or simply on its own.  This workshop is perfect for helping to develop the skills and knowledge required to be a professional medium. 

This course will provide plenty of hands-on practice to develop the skills required to provide an effective mediumship reading.  We will work on specific methods, and use specific tools to connect with deceased loved ones and spirits.  The goals of this course are to build confidence performing mediumship, to develop skills and knowledge to effectively communicate with the realm of deceased spirits, and to explore the profound healing nature of mediumship work.

This workshop will include:

  • how to obtain identity and relationship of deceased spirit to clients
  • scanning the aura to connect with clients' deceased loved ones
  • key components of an effective mediumship reading
  • understanding profound healing of mediumship: grieving, forgiveness of guilt, letting go, continuation of life after death  
  • how to work in conjunction with angels and effectively manage ego and personality of deceased spirits
  • practice in one-on-one and group/stage mediumship format
  • essential earth-bound spirit releasement techniques

A Certificate in Mediumship will be provided to participants who successfully complete all parts of this workshop.   

Fee: $444 plus HST ($501.72). 

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