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Class Level:  Beginner to Advanced - Open To Everyone

Upcoming Date:
Facilitated By:  Chris Cuciurean
Saturday December 9th, 2017 - Welcome 7:00 p.m. - Start: 7:30 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. (approx)
Abaton Integrative Medicine - 235 Randall Street, Oakville, Ontario

A Profound Workshop of Spiritual Growth, Inspiration, and Personal Triumph with the Angels!

In this sacred event, Chris will lead participants through an angel inspired self discovery journey.  This evening promises personal and spiritual growth, profound interaction with your angels, and powerful manifestation experiences to help You become the person You wish to be. Unlike some of the previous Sacred Angel Walks that Chris has facilitated, this event blends the sacred reverence of the angel walk with some of the most profound personal growth exercises in self discovery and manifestation. This is an opportunity to look deep within and embrace the essence of your soul!

The goal of this workshop is to provide You with an unforgettable experience of Who You Are as a Divine Being, infinitely connected to God’s messengers, the angels.  This workshop is suitable for spiritual seekers who enjoy rewarding personal growth exercises and self discovery.   

During the first half of the workshop, Chris will guide participants through an inward meditative process, and various outer, dynamic, and interactive exercises designed to ignite your spark of Divinity within, and illuminate the abundance of beauty that You are. In the latter portion of the evening, the angels will guide us into alignment with our Soul’s desire to be Who and What We Are, while Chris facilitates a Sacred Angel Walk.

The Sacred Angel Walk cannot be described in words. It allows you to share Who You Are with others in a graceful, respectful, moving, healing, and profound expression of love.  The Sacred Angel Walk takes place indoors in sacred space, while inspired music, candlelight, and angel invocations ensure optimal blessings for everyone.  

Please register early. This event will be limited to a number of participants that best suit the space and time resources available and to honour each participants' individual experience of the Sacred Angel Walk. Due to the variable time duration of a sacred angel walk, the ending time of 11:30 p.m. is an approximation. Allow for extra time, if necessary.

All are welcome, including children. Choosing to walk in the sacred angel walk is optional.

Fee: $44 plus HST ($49.72)

For more information, contact Chris Cuciurean at (905) 582-6235 or to register now, select from the menu below. Registration in advance is required. Payment is due upon registration. No refunds or cancellations. All payments are final. A formal confirmation/welcome email will be sent within a few days of your paid registration submission.


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