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A Spiritual Life Coaching Session is a life coaching experience that is designed to help you make positive changes in your life, and work through major issues of significance in your life.  This is a private, in-person session (or via telephone) that can be of 1 hour, 1&1/2, or 2 hour duration.

This session is your chance to take the needed time for yourself, gain clarity, and take action steps to make things happen in your life!  This session is about being, doing, and experiencing all of Who You Are and living your life with passion!  Whether you need to make changes at work or in your career, make some decisions or take action to improve relationships, or take some steps to creating personal wellness, peace, and happiness, a private coaching session can help tremendously.

During a Spiritual Life Coaching Session, I focus completely on being of service to you and the issues that you wish to work through.  As a coach, I will first seek to understand the situation(s) that you wish to address, including the people involved, circumstances, your beliefs, your intentions and objectives.  As your coach, I will listen attentively, ask questions, make comments, make recommendations, encourage action steps, and help you learn.

The key component of making positive changes that last in any coaching process is for you to gain personal insight, conviction, and inner strength through spiritually balanced, experiential learning. As your coach, I will draw on all of my wisdom, experience, and knowledge to offer you the best experiential, spiritually balanced learning tools and techniques that guarantee the best chance of lasting, positive change and healing in your life. 

The fee for a Spiritual Life Coaching Session is $177 plus HST for 1 hour, $255 plus HST for 90 minutes, or $333 plus HST for 2 hours in duration, and must be paid in advance.  Optionally, you may ask for a combination of Angel Guidance & Healing and Spiritual Life Coaching during the same session.

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